Sunday, 25 February 2018

Kahukura's Net

After reading 'Kahukura's Net' the Justice League compared the Maori communities methods of nets and hooks to catch fish.

In the story ‘Kahukura’s net’ retold by Marie Insley, Kahukura, a chief of a Maori tribe tricks the spirit people into leaving behind one of their nets. This myth tells the origins of how Maori came to use nets for fishing, before this they would have used lines and hooks to catch fish. Both methods were used by Maori to collect food, but which was the most useful?
Natural Resources - Arina and Isaac
Both nets and hooks were made out of natural resources that were easily available to Maori. Hooks were made of wood, bone, stone or shell. On the other hand nets were made out of  heavy and strong flax to catch thousands of fish every day.  
Catching Fish - Caroline and Georgia
Another similarity is that both methods caught fish. People using nets were able to draw in large hauls of fish. Lines and hooks caught less fish than the net. The sort of fish that were usually caught with the hooks and lines were hapuka and kahawai.
Size - Jack
Both methods of catching fish varied in size. Hooks were able to catch big and small fish depending on the size of the hook. On the other hand nets could catch thousands of fish. The largest net recorded was 1.6km long and was used to catch thousands of fish
Overall we believe the net was the better method for catching fish. Nets could catch many more fish in a single trip. Nets were also able to be produced by many villagers working collaboratively compared to a hook that would be made by only skilled craftsmen. The discovery and use of nets were very important for Maori communities to be able to provide food for the whole village

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