Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Nobody Lives There

After reading 'Nobody Lives There' by Kohai Grace we compared life of a child in the story and the life of a Halsey Drive School student. 

In the story ‘Nobody lives there’ a group of Maori children pretend to be horses by tying paua shells to their feet with flax. After ignoring the calls from their parents to come home and eat they eventually turn into horses, leaving nobody in the place by the sea. The life of the children in the story share some similarities and differences with the life of a Halsey Drive School student.

A similarity shared by the Maori children and a Halsey Drive school student is that they both do work. The Maori child worked by working in vege gardens and cutting and collecting firewood. However a Halsey Drive school student works at school during subjects like maths, inquiry, reading and writing. In our opinion the children both worked hard but in different ways the Maori children worked physically hard, and the students work hard mentally.

Both children also share a love for playing at the beach. The Maori children enjoyed pretending to be horses. Halsey Drive school students enjoy playing beach volleyball, making sand castles, surfing and swimming. The students at Halsey Drive appear to have more options of ways to play at the beach.

Overall we believe the Maori children had the harder life because the work and chores they did were very hard physically and they had fewer ways to have fun at the beach. We now understand that life for Maori children was difficult compared to the life we have now.

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