Thursday, 15 February 2018

Rangi and Papa

We wrote descriptions of characters from the story Rangi and Papa.

Rangi - the Sky Father by Arina

Rangi the sky father lay in the heavens torn apart from his beloved Papa~the  earth mother. Tane~Mahuta, the forest god had heaved  apart  his  parents causing dazzling  sunlight  to flood the Islands. Seeing his own father so forlorn, Tane decided that he would light up the sky. Tane~Mahuta spread a beautiful ruby cloak over Rangi`s broad back, placed the saffron sun at his rear and last but not least he placed the exquisite silver moon at his front. Tane~Mahuta gazed up at the heavens and thought how somber his father felt at night. Then he placed an innumerable amount of stars on Rangi. To this day, Rangi still stares longingly at his lost love Papa.

Tane Mahuta by Rishi

Tane Mahuta is brother to Tawhirimatea god of winds, Tumatauenga god of war, Rongo ma tane god of peace and Tangaroa god of sea. “We must let Papa have sunlight” commanded Tane Mahuta. He stood up with his tremendous muscles and pushed Rangi up to the sky. “Aue Aue Aue” roared Tane. He went to see his brother Uru and he took his sons (stars) and gifted them to his father. Tane then  seeing his mother decided to clothe her in trees which were filled with flowers, birds, insects and berries. The little birds chirped, the insects buzzed and the flowers bloomed. The sun rose over Papa and bathed her in the light.

Papa by Shalin

Papa the earth mother was separated from Rangi the sky father by Tane mahuta and his brothers because Rangi the sky father and Papa the earth mother hugged each other so closely that they blocked out the sun. Feeling cold dark and dreary Papa was then dressed by Tane mahuta with trees. The trees were filled with weta and cicadas, flowers of beautiful red, pink and purple and the air was filled with a symphony of birdsong

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