Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hangis and Hogays

After reading 'Hangi's and Hogay's' the Justice League compared these two traditional methods of cooking.

Around the world many different cultures have traditional methods for cooking food. One traditional method of cooking food is the hangi, used by the Maori people of Aotearoa another method is the hogay, used by the people of Somalia in Africa
Hot Rocks - Isaac and Caroline  
One similarity between a hogays and a hangi is that they both use hot rocks in the cooking process. In a hogays rocks are heated separately in a fire and then placed in the bottom of the pit. In a hangi hot rocks are heated in a pile of wood over the pit, as the rocks burn through the wood they fall into the bottom of the pit.
Covered - Jack
Both methods involve covering the food. However the hangi and hogays use different materials to prevent steam from escaping. The hogays uses green leaves to cover the food, the hangi uses clean clothes and wet sacks to cover the food.
Trap Steam - Georgia and Arina
Another similarity between a hogays and a hangi is that they both trap steam to cook the food. In Somalia they cover the hogays in a layer of sand to keep the steam inside. The Maori however cover the hangi with earth to prevent the steam escaping.
Using hangis and hogays is now reserved only for special occasions, such as cultural days and celebrations like Waitangi day. Most places now have ovens in their homes to cook food however in poor countries the method of using an earth oven is still very much alive and necessary.

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