Sunday, 18 March 2018

Rewena - the Queen of Breads

After reading "Rewena - the Queen of Breads" the Avengers and the X-Men compared Rewena and Roti bread.

In Inquiry we have been studying the traditional Maori community. In a traditional Maori community people were responsible for protection, shelter, growing crops and making food. One type of food that could have been made by a Maori tribe is Rewena bread. Other traditional communities also have their own types of bread, one such type is the roti bread.

Both the roti and the Rewena are traditional breads. Rewena bread is a traditional Maori bread from New Zealand and roti can be found in India, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Thailand.

Roti and Rewena share a similarity in that they both don’t use yeast. Roti is a flat bread so does not need a raising agent. Rewena however uses potatoes as a raising agent. The process of creating the potato starter takes approximately two weeks before you can even make the bread!

Making both breads requires adult supervision as they both include hot ovens and frying pans that could cause a serious injury. Rewena bread also needs adult help because it is tricky to make.

Overall we would prefer to make and eat roti bread over Rewena bread. Although Maori consider Rewena - the queen of breads we believe roti is better because it is easier and quicker to make, it has fewer ingredients and can be eaten with a wider variety of food.

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  1. Well done for making a judgement at the end. Although I absolutely love traditional Maori bread!