Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Tangaroa and the Taniwha

In writing we have been creating our own narratives inspired by Maori myths. Here is Sana's story

Tangaroa and the Taniwha

The night was a dark and stormy night, thunder rumbled and the wind howled. The waves crashed and the wind blew angrily. The Maori had left Hawaiki in their wakas in search of a new land.

Suddenly from far below the sea rose a tremendous taniwha with enormous eyes, a huge turquoise body, sharp horns and a moko on his mata. The enormous taiwha ate some of the wakas in one huge gobble.

Hearing the sound of destruction brought Tangaroa to the surface to see what was happening. Tangaroa the god of the sea appeared from under the waves with long hair and a moko on his mata. He was a sea warrior. He was a strong muscular god. He was bigger than a tall totara tree. His hands were massive and he held a patu.

Tangaroa shouted “What are you doing in my sea!?” “I am going to chop you into pieces”. The taniwha started to worry. Tangaroa whacked angrily his razor sharp patu into the taniwha’s enormous flesh. The tanwhia shrieked out in pain “Grrrrrrr”. The beaten taniwha, close to death,  leaked blood the colour of the black night. The ocean turned into a blanket of red blood. The taniwha lay in three pieces

The sea was then safe for everyone. Over time the three pieces of the taniwha turned into the islands of Aotearoa.

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