Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Warrior Vs Soldier

In Inquiry we compared a role from a traditional Maori community (Warrior) and a role from a present day community (Soldier).

In traditional Maori communities there were many different roles such as weavers, carvers and tattooists. When it came to defense and protection of the community one very important role was that of a warrior. In 2018 a role in our community that shares similarities with a Maori warrior is that of a soldier.
Both a warrior and a soldier needed to be brave as they risked injury and losing their lives in battle. Another similarity is that they both used weapons to protect their community. A Maori warrior would use weapons such as mere pounamu, patu, taiaha, tewhatewha, waihaika and spears. Whereas a soldier would use rifles, machine guns, grenades and bombs to protect themselves and others. A soldier was better armed to protect themselves and others as they could use their weapons at a greater distance and even hide from sight, such as a sniper. Maori warriors would fight face to face in hand to hand combat and would have a greater risk of injury or death.
A further similarity between a Maori warrior and a soldier is that they both dress for battle. A Maori warrior wore a piupiu and maybe a kakahu to battle. On the other hand a soldier would wear bulletproof jackets, helmets and camouflaged clothing. A soldier was better dressed for battle as they could use camouflage to hide from attack and also have clothing that could protect them from injury.
Overall if our community needs protecting we would feel safer with soldiers compared to a warrior. Advances in technology and clothing from hundreds of years ago has better equipped soldiers to defend communities without the same level of risk to life.


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