Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Hangi Vs Hot Pools

After reading 'Delicious Steamed Kai' the X-Men compared cooking with a hangi and cooking with hot pools

We have been learning about traditional Maori communities including how they use to hunt, gather and prepare food. Two methods the Maori used to cook their kai are the hangi and hot pools. But which is the better method?

Used in New Zealand
The hangi and hot pools are two cooking methods used in Aotearoa. The hangi can be used anywhere as long as you have access to the ground, some rocks and wood to build a fire. In contrast you can only use the hot pools to cook food if you are in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty.

Natural Resources - Arhan and Dorothy
Both methods of cooking use natural resources. The hangi uses some dirt, wood and hot rocks. On the other hand for cooking with hot pools you need some flax and access to the thermal waters in Rotorua.

Adult Supervision - Max and Caleb
Cooking in a hangi and the hot pools requires adult supervision. For the hangi you need adult supervision because you could get burnt by the fire and you would not be able to dig a hole that big. On the other hand using boiling water needs adult supervision because you might slip into the thermal water and get burnt.

Traditional Foods - Shlok and Shalin
Traditional foods such as corn, kumara and potatoes can be cooked in the hangi and the hot pools. For the hot pools you can also cook eggs by placing them in flax bags and submerging them in the water. In contrast in a hangi you can cook meat like lamb, chicken and beef.

Conclusion - Sanah and Krisha
If you live in Rotorua and have access to the hot pools it is  a very good method of quickly cooking your food. Even though a hangi takes a longer time to prepare and cook the food we believe it is the better method because anybody in Aotearoa can build a hangi, you can cook meat by steaming it and you can cater for lots of people at once.

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