Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Piupiu Vs Khamiis

The Justice League used information from 'Hangis and Hogays' to compare the piupiu with the khamiis

We have been learning about the traditional Maori culture including the foods, shelter, hunting methods and clothing. We are comparing the piupiu and the khamiis

Traditional Clothing - Arina
The piupiu was worn by the Maori people of Aotearoa, where as the khamiis is worn by Somali people of Africa.

Worn by Men - Jack and Isaac
Both traditional clothes were worn by men.The piupiu was worn by Maori men and women, the male’s piupiu would often have a type of belt to carry a mere pounamu and a patu. However a khamiis was only worn by men and the Somali women would wear a hijab.

Long and Loose - Caroline
The khamiis and piupiu shared a similarity of both being long and loose fitting. The piupiu was a traditional skirt that the Maori wore loosely around the legs and waist. In comparison the khamiis was a type of loose, long shirt.

Natural Materials - Georgia
Another similarity between clothing is the materials used to make the clothes. The Somalia clothing was made out of cotton and the Maori clothing was made from harakeke or flax.

While the khamiis is still worn to this day, as it is a suitable type of clothing for the conditions of Somalia, the piupiu is only worn at ceremonial occasions. Maori now wear modern clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, trousers and jackets. Preserving the traditional methods of making a piupiu is still important to Maori because as it acts as a connection to their past.

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