Thursday, 10 May 2018

Class Photographs

Can you guess who is in this school photo? 

This week we had our class photographs. In response to this we wrote opinion pieces about how the photos are taken and displayed. Here is Dorothy's opinion. Do you agree with her?

Dear teachers,

I am writing to you to express my opinion about the way you arrange and display the class photographs.

In my opinion, you should put the photos in a row from year 1-6 and not have them scattered around. It just feels messy and it is not easy to find a photo you want to see. I’m sure you’ll agree with this idea. You can also put the higher year on the top and the lower years on the bottom, it will look tidy and make it easier to find the year level. I’m sure you’ll take this idea on board and change how you do it.

Another possible way to improve the presentation is to make a class board. You can also put the class boards from the smallest class number to the higher class number, so it is better organised.

A further suggestion is that If some people are absent you could photoshop them in, so we can still have a photo to remember them. If the student is sick and their parents want a photo with their child you could easily photoshop them in. The parents would then still buy the photo even if their child was absent.  Also the absent student would be happy seeing themselves in the photo.

I do hope you use one of my ideas. Surely you will now understand the need to improve how our school photos are displayed.

Thank You

Room 10

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  1. I think I know who is in that school photo, is it Mr B?
    Great work Dorothy I can totally agree that our school photo's need to be better displayed.