Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Samoan Beach

Tired of the cold in Auckland, We instead escaped to a Samoan Beach in writing

Samoan Beach by Arhan

I hear the splashing and swirling of the briny waters as salty sand tickles my feet. I can hear the windy breeze and coconut trees swaying. Bits and pieces of broken coral are along the shore line. It is humid in the late afternoon and dry coconut husks are embedded in the silky sand.

Seagulls are squealing and squawking above the fale. During the cyclone season the wind passes through the gaps between the wooden posts like a busy consumer going through a checkout.

The sky is blue like a pukeko silently walking through a swamp. Golden sand glistens under the scorching sun. The coconut trees shade the sand from the smiling sun. The slippery seaweed splashes in the water. 

The wind joyfully passes by, sounding soothing. The lagoon and the sand meet together at the shoreline. The palm trees are umbrellas. The crab's pincers sound like maracas shaking.

Samoan Beach by Sanah  

I am standing on a scorching hot Samoan beach. I hear waves crashing against the shore. The turquoise blue ocean is the blue of a paua shell. I feel the sand tickling my toes.

I see a long coconut tree. As I turn my back I hear a coconut fall from the tree. The sand hugs my feet as I stand still gazing at the heavenly water. The sea washes the edge of the beach in white lace. The water coats me as I fall into it. The clouds are as white as a lemonade ice block. I smell the salty ocean as it hits against the golden sand. 

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