Sunday, 20 May 2018

School Camp Fun

After reading school camp fun the X-Men compared camping at a school to camping at a campsite.

We read ‘School Camp Fun’ by Feana Tu’akoi which describes how one group of students had a camp at school rather than going to a camp site, like our Year 6 students who are going to camp MERC this week. We are comparing which would be better a camp at school or a camp at a campsite?

Pitch Tent
At both camp areas you would be able to pitch a tent to sleep in during the night. At a campsite you are given a numbered plot to show you where you should pitch your tent. However at a school you would need to pitch your tent on the school field wherever there is enough room.

Food - Max and Caleb
People eat at both camping places. At school camp food is cooked in the staffroom or takeaways are ordered. However at campsites you can cook your own food on the barbecues provided.

Play - Shlok and Arhan
You can play at both camping places. If you are camping at school you can play on the playground. On the other hand if you are at the campsite you can play on the basketball hoop or you could play volleyball.

Swim - Sanah, Krisha and Dorothy
You can go swimming when you are camping at school or at a campsite. The parent helpers can also go swimming with their children. When you are at a campsite you can go swimming in the sea but when you are at school you can go swimming in the school pool.

Overall we would prefer to camp at a campsite because you can go with friends and family who don’t go to the same school, you can eat what you want and when you want and we are at school all week and would prefer a new experience.

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