Wednesday, 23 May 2018

To Camp or not to Camp?

This week our Year 6 students are at camp, but should it be only the Year 6's? Here we have two opinions about whether the Year 4's should also go to camp. Who do you agree with?

Dear Mrs Ritchie

I am writing to express my opinion about why Year 4’s should also go to camp. Camp teaches children to be responsible and independent. They learn to make their beds, follow instructions, look after their belongings, do chores like washing their dishes and washing their clothes. As you would agree all essential skills for a Year 4 student.
You may believe that year four students are too young, small and immature to go camp. However I disagree because camp offers us the opportunity to develop important life skills essential at any age. For example an activity such as raft building helps children to communicate with other children, show leadership, develop friendship, practise building and tying knots.

A further reason why Year 4’s should go to camp is that they teach students how to kayak. Kayaking teaches children water safety and helps children build their growth mindset and teaches them not to give up.

In addition archery is also included at camp. Archery helps children with aim for sports like shot-put, dodgeball and more. Archery also helps with how to be safe and follow instructions.

As you will now realise camp would teach Year 4’s important life skills and lessons. So therefore Year 4’s should go to camp this year. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dear Mrs Ritchie

I am writing to express my opinion about why year 4’s should never go to camp.

As you should know year 4’s are seniors but that doesn't mean they should go to camp. Sometimes at camp, you can get injured. For example, broken bones from falling off equipment. However the thing I really hate is insect bites, mostly from mosquitoes.  You also have the risk of getting sunburnt from spending too much time outdoors or if you don’t take enough warm clothes, you may get cold at night when the temperature drops. I believe there is a much greater risk of getting hurt at camp than there is at school, even when playing on the playground because you would be doing activities that you’re not used to doing and that you may find difficult or scary.

I do believe year 4’s will learn tonnes but wouldn’t we learn even more from staying at school for the week? I also wouldn’t have my parents at camp to help and support me which means I may feel worried, uncertain, unconfident or homesick, limiting my ability to learn new skills.   I will be out of routine and do things differently to how I do them at home, adding to my stress and worry at camp. I think Year 4s are not ready to be away from home, their family and their everyday life.

As you can see from the reasons above Year 4’s should not go to school camp. As someone who values student safety and wellbeing you will agree with me that only Year 6s should continue to go to camp.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

Kind regards


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